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To patients and couples that need or wish to postpone pregnancy plans, the treatments available are egg and sperm freezing.
Egg freezing or cryopreservation
Consists on follicular induction and cryopreservation of the collected eggs for future use.
- Patients who will be submitted to chemotherapy
- Patients who will be submitted to surgeries
- Patients who, for personal or professional reasons, decide to postpone pregnancy and wishes to have better results in the future.​

Sperm freezing

Consists in collecting sperm and cryopreservate for future use.


- Patients with testicular cancer

- Patients who are about to have a vasectomy and want sperm available in case they change their mind about having (more) children.

- Patients who will be submitted to chemotherapy

- Patients who won't be able to be present on the day of the partner treatment

- Patients with low sperm count or the quality of the sperm is deteriorating.

- Patients who have a condition, or are facing medical treatment for a condition that may affect your fertility.

- Men who are at risk of injury or death (for example, members of the Armed Forces who are being deployed to a war zone).

- You are about to undergo a sex change operation.

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